Frequently asked questions

We tried our best to cover most of the frequently asked quieries if there is any thing missing please feel free to contact us.


We try our best to complete project as early as possible however ETA will be given based on your requirements and for a website it takes around 2-6 weeks of time based on number of web-pages.
We know budget is always a deciding factor. Our prices are not categorized unlike other designers or developers so we only charge for what you need.
We always try to be as transparent as possible so the answer will be Yes! you will be able to see the status on our development server (Progress visibility depends on type of project).
Prevention is better than cure so we try to take your requirements and structure before project starts and minor changes will be made on requests and 2 major changes will be made as exception.


We specialize in PHP,HTML and CSS but are very experienced with JavaScript, XML and others. We use codeigniter and bootstrap frameworks. Although it's unlikely, if there's something we can't do, we can reach out to our network of partners for additional services (at no additional cost to you).
We are expanding our network and we never give false promise. If your request is within our reach we will surely do it else we will help you with alternative solution or direct you, where you can find some help!
Based on the type of project and technologies used we provide free maintenance for a limited period of time.
During the development period you will be able to see the progress from our development server however we do not provide hosting service but we suggest the best in the market hosting services for your website while delivering the project.

For any other queries. contact us here.

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