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Hema Sundar Codesigners

Hema Sundar

UI UX Developer & Creative Designer

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Hey co!
Shuuuu~! Let me tell you a secret!!
My name is Hema Sundar, Oh It's already displayed beside to my photo right. Well, suprise me by calling as "Hemu", Anyways please continue me with my 511th intro to you. Yes! I am a UI UX Developer and Creative Designer who specialized in taking care of what users see and what clients need in a minimal manner because not only that I love to "Less is more" phenomenon and also I'm lazy ; ) Where I want to reach the actual point in a shortest way. It's not that I don't like what I'm doing, its the fact that "we don't have time" and I love what I'm doing but not more the world and humans.
Yes! The another actual side of hemu is that he loves to explore alot and wanted to travel the world desperately. He is a kind of man who preferes forest than urban areas, dark roads than lighted pubs and a real life than digital life. Don't worry! I'm not an anti-social, its the way I value and respect the things that earth has giving to us from a billion years ago more than we invented ones and apparently since 2009, I got skilled with all the best design and development technologies in the world. So if you're here for an digital asset which helps grow your business or a brand. Gimme a call just by clicking on the number or drop your requirements through an old fashioned E-mail.
PS: Please let me know if my photo is not looking good ; )
PSS: The secret is that I'm one of the founder's of codesigners.in. Shuuuu! Still make it secret.