Satwik Naradasi Codesigners
Satwik Naradasi Codesigners

Satwik Naradasi

Back end developer & Project Analyst

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About Me

Before you read further, let me notify you that I'm lazy but get things done. I think that's called getting things done in a smart way. Speaking about my role with codesigners, you can feel free to call me brain of a project. I analyze the project, understand what you need and deliver the best!

As I said, I feel my laziness as my strength as it makes me search for easiest way of getting things done and hence I prefer keeping thing simple (Unless you want me to make it complex). Keeping that apart, I also take care of the back end development part which can be considered as back bone for most of the projects.

My Motto - What you make need not be perfect, it just need to be AMAZING!!